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Work at Home Jobs and Your Health


So you have applied for work at home jobs from Canada or the USA and have immediately begun to accept tasks, but suddenly after days of work you feel something tingling in your muscle areas. Maybe you have an aching lower back, sore neck or discomfort in your wrists. These pains are a result of improper posture and it will get worse when you won’t take action. Just imagine working with your computer slouching, your back hunched and your head protruding to the screen. If you keep it up all day long then it would be obvious that something would have to give. It will result to aches on your body.

Why should we maintain a good working posture? Well there are many reasons and one of them is to avoid injuries, discomfort, and fatigue. Many would think that high impact forces, such as being punched, are the only ones that could injure our bodies, however, even doing things that cause minor discomfort could result to injuries if they are repeated or experienced over long periods. Most common result of improper posture is Kyphosis. This is the curving of the spine causing the back to be hunched having breathing difficulties and discomfort.

Now on the topic of promoting proper working posture, the best way to maintain one’s posture while accomplishing tasks from work at home jobs is to get a computer chair that has wide back shells which could easily be leaned on and have a computer table that would place the monitor about near eye level. These two alone could give a tremendous amount of help. The chair will support the lower back and its height could be adjusted to assume a comfortable natural body position while the table will take care of the work space and position of the computer. If there is no computer chair or table around, look for substitutes that could be used, as long as it provides for greater comfort.

To promote shoulder and arm postures, place the keyboard and mouse within arms reach at a height about elbow level with the upper arms relaxed at the side. To promote proper wrist and finger postures, keep your wrists straight while typing and using the mouse. Avoid bending your wrist up, down or to the sides. And to minimize neck and eye strain position, the monitor should be about an arms length. Move the monitor to the center in front of you and position it near eye level so that you would directly see the screen in front.

Things like wrong posture are hard to solve once the body gets used to it, which could turn into a severe problem, yet when corrections are applied early on, before things get worse, plus proper care of the health then there is nothing holding us back in having smooth sailing work at home jobs.

Source by Mason Hynes

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