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Residential Wind Generator That’s Highly Effective and Crazy Cheap


The fastest way to your own residential wind generator is through your ability to learn how to build one. Commercial wind generators that produce 1000 watts of electricity can cost thousands of dollars. You can build your own for under $200 with simple tools and simple plans, all within a few days.

Right off the bat: Anybody can build their own residential wind generator. Given good plans and tools, some work space, and a little will power, anybody can build their own. This is because the science is simple and the plans are geared toward the inexperienced builders. This is probably in an to get more people to turn to renewable energy- so yes, it’s never been easier.

A residential wind generator that produces 1000 watts or more will require the use of lumber for blades, while any smaller system use easy and quickly fashioned pieces of PVC pipe. This is all well detailed and explained properly in the plans.

Besides this variable, everything else is straight forward. You will need to acquire the basic parts but how you do it is what is becoming of much interest as of late. People are getting free towers, free deep cycle batteries, free bodies, and low cost DC motors by purchasing plans that outline how to do all this for under $200.

Then of course, you join the parts in holy union and fix them atop your free tower where your residential wind generator will begin to cut you’re power bill by 80%. I also recommend coupling your residential wind generator with solar power panels because the combination is cheaper and more effective than ever.

Source by Malcom Reynolds

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