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How to Identify The Basic Differences Between The Terms "Update" and "Upgrade"?


Do you know that there is a subtle difference between the terms “update” and “upgrade”?

In the technical world, most people tend to use these words interchangeably but it is not the right way. Both the terms are as different from each other as butter from cheese. But, unfortunately very few people know about it. Do you remember when was the last time you didn’t confuse between the two terms while talking to your tech support provider? What if the company does the same and provides upgrade instead of an update or vice-versa? That is why you should know the exact meaning of both terms to avoid such mishaps.

What do you mean by an update?

An update is a particular patch or bug fixer that is often available for free with the software package. It adds some extra functionality to the existing software or hardware component to enhance its effectiveness. You can either get updates from the web or from your online technical support provider if you do not know how to use the web for an update. Generally, when a particular update is available for specific software, windows will notify you of the same. You can easily download and install the available update which will add some extra facilities to the software or the hardware component.

Updates are easy to find and easier to download and install to keep your system up-to-date. However, updates do not change the features of the particular software and just provides an extra push to enhance its effectiveness.

When do you need an update?

You can opt for a software update anytime from the internet. Just go to the webpage of the particular software and click on the “Free Update” section to view details of available updates and download the one which seems convenient to you. Windows provide free updates to its users every once in a while to enhance effectiveness of your system. You can also schedule your system to check for updates automatically in case you forget to do so.

What is an upgrade and when do you need it?

When an existing version of a particular hardware or software product is replaced by a fresh new version of the same product, it is known as upgrading that particular product. For example, let’s assume that you are using software named XYZ Pro 1.6 with limited features and functionality. You are not satisfied and call up your Windows support provider for an effective solution. Either they will advise you to install free updates for that particular software or they will ask you to buy a completely new version of the existing software with more features and facilities to make you feel contented. If you go for the second option, you will be “upgrading” and not “updating” your software, let’s say to the version XYZ Pro 2.0.

Similarly, if your operating system is not up to your mark of satisfaction level, you can get it upgraded by taking help from your service provider or a reputable online technical support company from the web. Whatever way you choose to enhance the effectiveness of your system, you should remember that while updates are mostly available for free, you need to pay the service provider for upgrading your system or a particular software package.

Several reputable companies are out there providing effective online technical support to their clients and customers. You can call them up on the toll-free number provided on their websites to ask for an update or to upgrade your system. Again, be careful with the use of the two terms as they are different and not interchangeable.

Source by Alicia S Hall

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