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How Pregnancy Possibly Saved a Career


This happened to a friend of mine (ahm!).

My friend was always the quiet type except where her work was concerned. In the words of one of her unfortunate managers, she was ferocious. She could and would do the work of two and even at long drawn meetings could be depended on to keep tab on who said what throughout. A typical type A personality, according to her, agonizing over details, craving new challenges with endless energy

Staying in a city alone far from home, like all newcomers, she too succumbed to food poisoning at one point. For some reason, post recuperation she could no longer have dairy products which earlier had formed a major chunk of her diet. It took some time and quite a few painful, not to say embarrassing incidents to realize this and henceforth she forsook all dairy products. Life moved on.

Soon she changed jobs, changed city, married but cruised along the same career path, getting promoted easily. But she hated the job, her colleagues, the managers and with just getting up in the morning. She was not ill, or even fatigued, as she told herself, just bored like never before. Just talking to anyone around took a huge effort and she withdrew into herself even in work place, doing her work just as well before but hating it all the same. Her colleagues simply tolerated the gloomy often irritable pillar of negativity as a necessary evil since her work was still above par. Working from home also did not mend the matters much. She did know that the job and its people were the nicest so far and so the only conclusion was that, having grown older (and wiser) her nature had changed and needed a job to suit it – a routine, desk job requiring minimal change and minimal contact with humans.

Life intervened, thankfully, at this critical point. She became pregnant and being just as conscientious, she started following the suggested diets faithfully even venturing out to sample the dairy products she had left behind. Did I mention she was a vegetarian? She also started having egg and pulses regularly. She wanted to ensure that the baby gets sufficient protein. Luckily, she soon found that she could have more and more amount of dairy without any dire effect and gradually she was back to the diet from old. Then she realized she had a lot more interest in life – in people, in diversions, in projects and long, harrowing activities. She could go through the day happily and still enjoy a chat with neighbors, friends and family.

I am no expert but neither she nor others had realized how thin and scraggy she had become in the couple of years before her pregnancy. She had still had a good appetite, never fell ill and her hair and skin had been just as before. The only difference had been the change in attitude. Not having enough protein had wrecked it inch by inch over a long period. I (oops!) Wouldn't even own that I was depressed but I guess now that I was. Now I understand that not being ill does not equate to being healthy. I respect food now, period.

Source by Sreeranjini Venugopal

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